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Who We Are

We are John and Terra (The Munchkin) Barlow: Spouses, parents, gamers, and candle makers. We have three children who are all awesome kids. We are fiercely competitive (mainly with each other), and that MIGHT just spill over into candle-related contests. When we are not making candles, you can find us either on Xbox live, playing tabletop games, or playing all the sportsball

Why We're Here

We started making candles as an adoption fundraiser and had a lot of fun. Everyone that bought those first batches loved them and we realized that we could turn this into a proper business. From there, the brainstorming began and the scents were born. We hope that our love for candles and unique scents can be shared with everyone who buys a product from us.

One more thing...

Burning candles is serious business and can be dangerous if you don’t follow basic guidelines. NEVER (no seriously, NEVER) leave a candle unattended. The easiest way to make sure nothing awful happens is to keep an eye on your contained flame. NEVER place candles near drafts or flammable objects. PLEASE exercise some semblance of common sense when inviting an open flame into your home. We cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from misuse of a candle (I’m not going to spell out every little caveat here… this is basic stuff people). PLEASE enjoy our product safely. </rant>